P-75 Scorpene®
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P-75 Scorpene® submarines

In 2005, a contract of strategic importance for the nation was signed between France and India for the construction of six submarines through a License Agreement. MDL has forged a partnership with Naval Group (formerly DCNS) to build these submarines with P-75 Scorpene® submarine design under an intricate process for transfer of technology.

The Ministry of Defence and Indian Navy have chosen the shipyard Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) for constructing these submarines. Through a contract named P-75, MDL has forged a partnership with Naval Group (formerly DCNS) to build these submarines with P-75 Scorpene® submarine design. The construction is undertaken by MDL with a true transfer of technology from Naval Group.

For smooth operation of this contract, Naval Group set up a dedicated team at the shipyard itself, and also established a 100% owned subsidiary: Naval Group India with the head Office in Mumbai. Naval Group India, along with its own activities, supports AOT activities and consistently helps Indian partners to contribute to the P-75 contract.

In MPM P-75 contracts, Naval Group has a contractual obligation: Indigenisation, where certain critical submarine equipment is manufactured by Indian partners through transfer of technology by Naval Group.
For a major part of the P-75 contract, Naval Group has a contractual obligation- Indigenisation, for which there are specific contracts for the provision of indigenously produced submarine equipment.
The dictionary defines indigenisation as the increase of local participation and capability to manufacture a product, or supply a service independently within a country instead of relying on foreign manufacturers or suppliers.
The commitment of indigenisation involves entrusting a part of the production of submarine equipment, from the third submarine onward, to the Indian industry.

Scorpene® is a new-generation, conventional-propulsion submarines of an intermediate size and highly capable in terms of mobility and discretion, they are suited to a very broad range of operations. The Scorpene® submarine in India sees a strategic transfer of technology program for manufacturing of submarines at MDL Shipyard in Mumbai. This versatile and high-endurance submarine can carry out missions both in the open ocean and in coastal waters. Extremely stealthy and fast, it has a level of operating automation that allows the crew to be limited to 25, which reduces its operating costs significantly.

Length 67.56 m

Surface Displacement 1 615 tons

Submerged Displacement 1 775 tons

Crew up to 44 men

Weapons 6 weapon launching tubes, 18 weapons (torpedoes, missiles, mines)