Mistral LHD
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Mistral LHD

Length: 199 m

Displacement: 22000 tons

Indian Navy under Make in India issued RFP to 3 Indian shipyards to procure 4 LPDs (2 at winning shipyard and 2 on nomination to HSL). Primary mission for these ships are amphibious landing operations. They also provide command and force projection capability. The Mistral class LHD has six helicopter landing spots. Up to 16 medium (NH90, Tigre) or 35 light helicopters can be carried and stored in the hangar deck. The flight deck has six landing spots and a 1,800m² hangar. The 5,000m² flight deck can accommodate up to six helicopter movements simultaneously.

Pipavav (now Reliance) is partner of Naval Group and RFP offer has been submitted and decision from Indian government is awaited.