Aircraft Carrier
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Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft carrier is the largest type of warship, and is considered to be an airbase in its own right and veritable floating city. It provides autonomous air support that is crucial to the success of all types of naval or land operations.

It is one of the most important elements of a fleet and the aircraft carrier is escorted by other types of vessels and submarines (frigates, mine hunters, nuclear attack submarines, replenishment oilers, etc.). The aircraft carrier ensures the protection of this fleet.

DEAC® is equipped with the latest generation of combat systems and deploys an on-board aircraft group (up to 40 aircraft). Its advanced conventional propulsion system allows the optimization of replenishment frequency and ensures a permanent presence at sea within an air-sea group.

The crew is adjusted to the actual need thanks to a reasonable level of automation. Through-life support costs are reduced. The catapult aircraft carrier is compatible with most modern carrier-based aircraft (Rafale, F-18, E2C C/D…).