Make in India for P-75
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Make in India for P-75

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Towards Skill India

This is a one of the crucial functions for Naval Group India under the scope of the P-75 Scorpene® project, which personifies the purpose of Make in India. Certain equipment for the submarines have been indigenised and manufactured at Indian partners premises in order to empower the Indian industry.

Endeavouring to create indigenous solutions at various levels, Naval Group India has also developed engineering capabilities for P-75 submarines in order to support the shipyard by rendering timely design & marine engineering solutions. The Engineering team of Naval Group India, has undergone training in India as well as in France, imparted by the engineering services from Naval Group Cherbourg.

Treading one step further, Naval Group India has taken support of existing Indian industrial solutions and has established partnership with Axis-Cades. This partnership involves continuous support to Design & Marine Engineering department of Naval Group India, through permanent integration of up to 20 qualified engineers who get on the job training for Scorpene® engineering.

Partnering with Axis-Cades has allowed Naval Group India to leverage its design skills by using indigenous design talent and training from Naval Group, France.

The mutual benefit brought about by flexibility and wide pool of knowledge allows us to answer to the engineering requirements of Naval Group India, of the shipyard, and thus P-75.

In order to continuously give thrust towards developing a robust eco-system for Indian defence, a dedicated team is in charge of liaising with MSMEs for participation in various defence projects. All MSMEs who partner with Naval Group India undergo a stringent qualification process carried out by Naval Group quality experts according to the set Naval Group standards.